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  • M-Lite RhynoGrips FREE STL
  • M-Lite RhynoGrips FREE STL

M-Lite RhynoGrips FREE STL


A free STL file for our RhynoGrips, allowing you to print these at the comfort of your home!

The RhynoGrips are also available fully 3D Printed ready to use HERE.

We will also be coming out with a CNC Machined version in 1-2 months which will be the ultimate combination of grips and NATO rails!

  • Use the most durable/rigid settings you can. Your camera not falling on the ground will be dependant on these handles!

    PLA will work, PETG, PC or Nylon will be more durable.

    Settings :
    6-8 Perimeters
    35% (or more) Gyroid Infill
    0.2mm Layer Height
    Support :
    Use support under the flat part of the grips. Do not change orientation, the one pre-set is the ideal orientation to print these at.

    Also make sure your printer is very well calibrated, this model includes 1/4-20" threads that are fully printed and need to be very accurate to be functional.