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  • M-Lite Loupe
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  • M-Lite Loupe
  • M-Lite Loupe
  • M-Lite Loupe

M-Lite Loupe


PRE-ORDER INFO - Batch 1 will be open for around 2 weeks, after that materials will be ordered and the shipments will begin once everything arrives. We are unable to ship these with you existing camera orders because of the side, sadly it will have to be a separate package. 


Introducing the second M-Lite mod - Loupe

Using a loupe will help you to nail critical focus without using a monitor, and help in stabilising your shots.

It uses a high fidelity glass element that's sharp up to the sides of the screen. 

It attaches magnetically to our Angled Screen mod which you can buy HERE
In the box you will also find 3x eyepiece covers (Red & Black) with a little hole for a string, as well as the loupe body itself having one. The string is not included, feel free to pick whatever lenght etc you like.
This loupe is NOT compatible with other frames and mounting options. It can ONLY be used with the Angled Screen Mod.

  • What's included in the box:

    • Loupe
    • 2x Eyepiece covers (To protect your screen from the sun)