Custom Gears


Don't compromise, get the best.


A Fully Custom Follow Focus Ring - an be made for any lens.

Process of getting custom gears :

  1. You measure the lens(es) according to the pictures of this product and order.
  2. We send you sizing rings  to measure which fits the best.
  3. You tell us which fits good, and we ship you the second and final package with full production ready gears that will fit perfectly on your lens.

Most of the time with this process, there is no sanding or adjusting required, as we do that work for you.

Keep in mind these sizing rings are made to order, meaning it can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week or two before it gets shipped out. 

When measuring, make sure you measure the lens as accurately as you can, as we are NOT responsible for it not fitting if you provide us the wrong measurments.
Calipers are the most accurate and reliable way to measure.