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COMpact formfactor


Top mounted screen & Side mounted buttons

Full cheese plate


This M-Lite rehouse kit is the result of a collaboration between 3DFocus x IMCE and months of hard work. After the sucess of the M-XL, it was obvious a fully fledged version was needed. We listened to feedback from the community to create the best possible rehousing for the EOS-M.

Printed with high quality matte filament, using the highest quality, lead free threaded inserts available, every detail is well thought of. From highly compatible 1/4" hole spacings (18mm center to center), ample cooling, relocated screen and control buttons, a full cheese plate in the back and many more.

Not only does this kit transform your EOS-M into a fully fledged cinema camera, it also provides you with some incredible quality of life improvements to make your shooting as streamlined as possible. The whole build is made to be simple and easy to follow.

Infinitly riggable

12x 1/4" UNC Threads

Top thread spacing of 70mm
Side top and bottom spacing of 90mm, allowing the use of 100mm NATO rails for side handles

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